Four Exercises to Strengthen Your Abs


When looking to increase core strength and give yourself great looking abs, there seems to be many exercises that are provided to do the trick. Somehow work much better better than others and surprisingly so with even less work or strain. Here is a rundown of four ab exercises that have been proven to do the job.

Ab Workout 1 – Captain Chair Exercise

The Captain Chair is that funny looking chair in the gym that sits up high and does not have a seat. Yes this equipment works well on strengthening your core and here's how it's done. Start with your legs dangling and your back flat against the rest. Then slowly lift your knees up high and in towards your chest. Be sure to go slow enough where the motion is well controlled and your are focusing on contracting your abs.

Ab Workout 2 – The Plank

Start face down in push-up position but with your forearms flat on the floor rather than your hands. All you have to do now is hold this position for a minute or two while focusing on using your core strength to hold your body weight up. You can make this ab exercise more difficult by lifting one leg off the ground or even by adding an ankle weight.

Ab Workout 3 – Reverse Crunch

This ab exercise is just an inverted version of the ever popular ab crunch. Start out lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet and arms flat on the ground. Now all you have to do is bring your knees up towards your chest at a nasty degree angle. While bringing your knee up exhale and contract your abs. Slowly return to the starting position breathing back in and relaxing your abs.

Ab Workout 4 – Vertical Leg Crunch

This ab exercise is great to work all of the main components of your abs and is very easy to do if you got the jest of the last exercise. Start in the same position as the crunch only this time leave your legs straight in the air, knees bent slowly. With your hands behind your head do a slow, short crunch move making sure to leave your head and chin up. The move here should all be concentrated in the abs and should be slight. Lower back down and repeat 15-20 times.

There are many more versions of these exercises for the abs that you can use in conjunction. Try and switch up your routine every week so you do not get bored with your workouts. Remember as always to stretch and warm up before performing any strenuous workout.

Source by Joey Larusa


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