Benefits of Mobile Billboards and AdVans


Businesses large and small are examining their advertising spend and they are thinking creatively. The changes they make do not simply apply to internet advertising. The big shift is towards outdoor media advertising and, more specifically, AdVan advertising.

Outdoor media takes many forms, but one of the ways that is gaining huge popularity is the use of roadside advertising.

Today, a consumer has the choice of whether to see or not to see or hear an ad. With Cable or Satellite recorders being owned by most consumers, they can easily have all traditional advertising turned off.

So, more and more businesses have searched for an alternative way to advertise. They want a clever way to directly communicate their messages to their target market customers.

And, with cash flow always an issue, they want it to work.

Mobile billboard advertising has that advantage. It allows an advertiser to get their message out in a way that can not be turned off. With this method the message gets to the consumer and it's plain to see why.

You have the advertisers message or brand boldly displayed on an AdVan side or on mobile billboards. These are specialist vans made specifically to be mobile billboards.

With their advertisement prominently displayed, and appearing to them in traffic. A consumer can not help but read it. For an advertiser who wants maybe more brand recognition or has a sale, this is a way to go.

Compared to other ways of advertising, the mobile billboards prices are actually very competitive, and frequently cheaper for this direct advertising approach and solution.

Your message will be shown to a consumer who will notice and read it because of the way it is presented; more often it is at rush hour, or when stuck in traffic. The consumer is left with no other choice but reading the ad. With that advantage, a business's brand and message is easily revealed and understood.

If you are aware how much is being spent on outdoor media, you soon realize the trend is towards businesses taking advantage of AdVans potential.

So, for a business in search of creative ways to get their ads out there, AdVans are something they should think about.

These far outweigh the effectiveness of stationery billboards on the side of the road – something put right in front of the consumer's face is most definitely going to get your message across.

Compared with local newspaper advertising AdVans frequently has a lower cost and a larger number of viewers. Combine this with localized direct mail and the business has a very powerful marketing tool.

Source by Michael R Lamb


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