Glycemic Impact Diet – Great Way To Loose Weight And Feel Great Be Healthy


There is a diet that was developed by Rick Gallop called the GI Diet plan. The plan is based on the Glycemic Index and has been used in Europe for many years now. The newer version is called the Glycemic Impact Diet which uses the Glycemic Index for is base.

It is important to understand how the GI Diet works, basically it is all foods that contain a low Glycemic Index. This index will rank a food based on the effect that it has with your blood sugar level. Ideally you want to eat foods that will release the sugar into your body slowly so that you feel satisfied during the day and you will be less likely to snack through the day. If you are consuming food with High GI it can cause your sugar levels to rise rapidly. Also eating these types of foods will result in short feelings of being satisfied and usually you will tend to overeate because when the sugar levels drop after a short period of time you will want more food.

It is also important to cut down on saturated fats because they can cause you to consume to much food. GI Index Diets will always encourage eating low GI Index foods so that you will feel more satisfied throughout the day.

When you are on the Glycemic Impact Diet you are using the GI Index but it also combines the carbs along with the GI Index of foods. If you take a food like the carrot it has a low glycemic load because it has a low carbs and a high GI Value. This makes the carrot a desirable food to eat.

This diet is a great diet because it uses many diet plans such as the Zone Diet, South Beach Diet and it combines these diet plans and uses the best of all of them. If you are a person that likes to eat out a lot then they have some great options for you as well. It is always best when eating out that you stick to the leaner meats, fish and chicken. Also stay away form fatty sauces and dressings because they can put on weight quicker than anything else.

The Glycemic Impact Diet is an excellent way to loose weight and feel great.

Source by Bryan Burbank


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