Mobile Marketing and SMS Alerts for Schools


Mobile Web use is growing at an incredible pace, with recent research predicting that cell phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device within a few years. Marketing for schools, therefore, should have a component that leverages this exciting new channel. Of course, before you start to use precious marketing resources, check for yourself. Using Google Analytics, check how much of your current traffic is coming from mobile devices. This will give you an indication of how significant this marketing channel has become and how quickly the traditional Web is being transformed into a mobile experience.

If you are still on the fence, consider some of the advantages to developing a mobile friendly website include:

· The ability to cater to new and specific viewer preferences

· 24 hour, 7 day a week interaction with students and prospective students

· Exciting features that will help your school get attention

· And more

Mobile marketing objectives two main components:

1) A mobile friendly website

This can simply be an extension of your traditional website, or a much more sophisticated stand-alone version that is optimized and designed for the mobile Web experience.

2) Mobile Apps

An exciting app with engaging content can present new revenue and marketing opportunities for your school.

However, there is a third option when marketing for schools on smartphones, and it may be the most beneficial for schools looking to boost their online lead generation. This is Mobile SMS Alerts. SMS Alerts cut out the middleman and give you the opportunity to speak directly with your students and prospective students. Close to 90% of SMS messages are viewed and read within the first half hour of being received, ensuring that your marketing information brings prospective students quickly and gives your web marketing and lead generation planning untold flexibility and versatility.

An SMS Alerts campaign can include:

· SMS Push and Pull Messaging

· SMS Alerts

· ITR Iteractive Text Response Menu

· Mobile to Web Integration

· Social Media Integration

· Online SMS Sign-up Form

· Admin Interface

· Back-end Database Capture

· Campaign Reporting

Have an admissions update? An open house of special program announcement? SMS Alerts let your school relay this information. Best of all, every phone number that interacts with your school is stored in a database and can be monitored in real time with on-line reporting dashboard. The database will contain various levels of information about each prospect, and can be re-used for future marketing purposes.

Source by Philippe Taza


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