Quick Weight Loss Diet For Women – 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone Diet


It is not easy for a lady to regain her figure and beauty after delivery without huge strains. However, the 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone Diet has been able to successfully help women to shape up and gain healthy weight after their delivery. It is not easy to be on a quick weight loss diet after becoming a mother since you need to take care of your baby as well apart from you and this takes up a lot of time and energy for you. Yet this diet can be easily induced into your daily routine and it will help you to be back in shape in no time at all!

The diet designed by the famous Hollywood fitness trainer, Ramona Braganza, is exclusively meant for new mothers to regain their healthy shapes back through a healthy diet and an intensive exercise program. 321 can be translated as 3 meals, 2 snacks, and 1 liter of water on a daily basis. This quick weight loss diet keeps the glycemic carbohydrates on a low and instead allows you to pick up lots of green vegetables and lean proteins. The recommended foods include whole wheat bread, tuna, chicken breast, nuts, brown rice, balsamic vinegar, legumes, low carbohydrate vegetables, eggs, and fruits in moderation.

The quick weight loss diet program is split up into three phases that lasts for a total of twelve weeks. During each phase, there is a change in the amount of calories you can take and fitness programs as well. The diet emphasis a must breakfast, avoiding butter and sauces, salads without dressings, steamed vegetables, poached / baked / grilled meat, white pasta or rice, and fruits for dessert.

The sample diet allows you to have a mix of whole wheat toast and scrambled egg whites for breakfast, large salad and chicken breast for lunch. If you need a morning snack, then a mix of strawberries and low-fat cheese would be ideal. For afternoon snack, you can have celery sticks, red pepper, and raw carrot and for dinner, you can take lean beef and steamed vegetables.

The highlight of this diet is the exercise routine which utilizes compound exercises that allows you to work out different sets of muscles at different times. The exercise routine builds up from 25 minutes in the first phase up to 60 minutes in the third phase. The exercises combine cardio exercises, circuit training, and strength training. The cost of the program is around $ 86.75 for the set of three DVDs.

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