31 Day Fat Loss Cure Reviews – Pros and Cons You Should Know


The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure has become a widely popular fat loss program over the past months. However, this does not mean that it's perfect. In this article I want to go over some of the pros and cons of this plan and help you come to the right Conclusion of whether it is right for you to use …

Before I get to the pros and cons, let me summarize some of the general details of this program:

1. It was created by Vic Magary, a former soldier and a fitness trainer.

2. It includes 5 workout programs, each 31 days long which involves short and intensive strength training workouts.

3. The nutrition part of the plan is based on the primal diet, meaning that you should eat food that was available for our ancient adults. Acceptable food is meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and so on.

4. The program has many positive testimonials from men and women who've used it to lose a lot of weight.

Now, let's see what the pros and cons of the plan are:


1. All the exercises are shown in video so it's quite easy to follow along and do all of the workouts correctly.

2. The workouts are right for men and women of all fitness levels.

3. Has a money back guarantee so you do not have to worry what will happen if you do not like the plan.

4. The program is short and easy to read and to begin applying immediately.

5. There are gym workouts and home workouts that require no equipment whatever.

6. The results people report of using this plan are very impressive. People lost many pounds with this plan.


1. The nutrition part of the program inhibits a lot of food you are likely used to eat. Bread, pasta, and grains are not allowed. This may make it a bit hard to get used to the plan.

2. As alcohol is not allowed, this diet may not be right for you if you're going to an event in which you will simply have to drink or if your social life depends on it.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program works. The workouts are effective and challenging and they will help you burn body fat quickly. You will need to make some nutritional adjustments to your diet but for 31 days, I'm sure you can make this effort to get excellent results.

Source by John Davenport


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