Food in Montreal: Listing Top Tastes Served at Montreal Restaurants


Montreal is one incredible city which loves as well as respects food. Montrealers want food to be well-prepared and fresh. Food in Montreal is extremely popular around the world. Many people calls Montreal as a restaurant town. The main reason behind this is the numerous food cultures from all over the world. The city is fortress to house various ethnic communities that have played a major role in the culinary landscape of the city.

Today, Montreal is one of those North American cities which enjoy access to a staggering array of various types of foods. Here is a fine selection of the some wonderful restaurants where you may get tasty and satisfying food. Moreover, here is a top list of great tastes in Montreal which make eating in this city a continuous feast.


The rich and delectable espresso is served in its original essence across the Montreal city. With a fine layer of foam also called cream, you get the popular Italian Espresso at most Italian restaurants in Montreal like Restaurant Olympico in Mile End, Café Guildone and at Café Italia located in the center of the Little Italy.


Tourtiere, feves au lard, gras-de-rotis and beans are traditional Que-becois staples. The beans are baked for quite a long time and then sold by the quart or pint to take home. Visit Restaurant La Binerie to taste some of the traditional Que-becois staples. The breakfast served at this Montreal restaurant is cheap, filling and hearty.


Euro Plus is a small yet bustling Montreal cafe located at West Island. This café brings you a superb selection of some imported Dutch delicacies. The Licorice is one of the favorite trips in Netherlands and served with care at Euro Plus. In addition, Euro Plus is among one of those Montreal cafés which also brings you a stunning selection of other specialties.

Chinese Barbeque

Chinatown is popular for bringing a wide choice of Chinese restaurants in Montreal. If you want to taste the best of Chinese barbeque visit Sun Sing Lung located in Montreal Chinatown. This small shop brings you knowledgeable and friendly staff to serve you the best of Chinese delicacies.

Spruce beer

This is a home made beer variety. Barry Fleischer's spruce beer was once popular as a general drink sold in the corner stores. Today, there is just one place which makes spruce beer and also serves fresh. The place is no other than the popular Montreal restaurant – Emilie Bertrand located on the Notre Dame Street. It's a secret recipe and known for its piney taste. However, spruce beer happens to be more subtle than the other commercial bottled varieties.


Restaurant Roma located in Montreal Little Italy is the best place to try out some Italian pizzas. You can even buy it and take home if you want. A great variety of vegetarian toppings like zucchini and eggplant makes Boulangerie Roma the hot favorite in Little Italy. The restaurant is also great for some home-made gelati which you get for dessert.

Source by Soma Piyali Nath


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